Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy focuses on the maintaining and/or rehabilitating of the body’s soft tissue for optimal performance in any sport or activity. Techniques such as myofascial release, joint mobilizations and deep tissue massage are all utilized in a treatment for optimal results.

  • Joint mobilizations help promote and restore normal range of motion
  • Cupping therapy can promote more localized circulation to the tissues
  • Scraping can help create pliability in scar tissues and adhesions

It is highly recommended for individuals and athletes that want to perform to their fullest potential to keeping the muscles, tendons and ligaments healthy and mobile.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which focuses on rehabilitation and injury prevention to help individuals restore, maintain, and maximize their strength, function, movement and overall well-being. Physiotherapists have an in-depth knowledge of how the body functions. They have specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability.

  • Personalized assessments helps identify the root problem of your pain and/or dysfunction
  • Manual therapy promotes soft tissue recovery and improves joint range of motion
  • Corrective exercises are prescribed to patients to further help strengthen the body for optimal results

Our physiotherapy services are perfect for anybody wanting to rehabilitate from an injury and to become the strongest version of themselves.

  • Strength & Conditioning

Personalized Strength & Rehab Programs

Personalized strength & rehab programs are specific workout programs designed for specifically for you based on your current goals, injuries and possible limitations. Working with our strength coaches (who are also health care practitioners), we help create a long term plan to help you reach your goals.

  • Strength & conditioning programs are designed to help you to become stronger
  • Rehabilitation programs help you to reduce the chances of injuries to occur
  • Weekly check-ins ensure that proper form and technique is being used to minimize injury

These programs are perfect for anybody that needs professional guidance and a personalized program tailored towards their goals. Please contact us for more information on personalized programming.



// Our Specialties

Olympic Weightlifters

Taylor Findlay

Olympic Weightlifting heavily relies on power, mobility and stability. Form assessments and different therapeutic techniques are used to help free up hypertonic muscles and promote proper technique to excel in the sport.


Dylan Wong

The sport of Powerlifting requires a tremendous amount of strength and stability. We help powerlifters with proper technique and form to promote longevity in the sport along with rehabilitating chronic injuries with therapy and exercise prescription

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires an enormous amount of flexibility, mobility and most importantly, stability. We help our clients improve these elements to prevent injuries while training and increase longevity in the sport through strength and conditioning and therapy


I’ve been working with James for a year now. As a competitive athlete, it is very important for me to have someone I trust to treat me and keep me healthy for my lifts. Ever since I started seeing him once or twice a month for maintenance, I haven’t had any issues or pain during any of my lifts. It is so great knowing that nothing is holding me back from progressing!

Christine CastroPowerlifter

James has been beyond helpful throughout my journey. He’s always given me excellent treatment for injuries as well as advice on preventing injuries from re-occurring. His approach and mixing in manual therapy along with strength and conditioning has made me stronger and less prone to injury! Definitely a master of his trade.

Michael SheehanBrazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor

After seeing a few other therapists for an injury I had for months,with no improvement, James was able to help me relieve pain and recover quickly. His knowledge and education allows him to assess and proceed with the best method of treatment for your specific needs. He is great about following up and suggesting exercises or stretches to work on!

Taylor FindlayOlympic Weightlifter


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