Registered Massage Therapist, Clinic Director


James Lu is a Registered Massage Therapist with a Strength & Conditioning Background that specializes in sport related injuries along with injury prevention.

With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and rehab industry, James has developed an extensive amount of knowledge and experience working with his patients, mentorships and continuing education. He has worked with a wide variety of fitness levels varying from the general population to professional level athletes.

He believes that movement is medicine and while resting the area can help temporarily provide relief, a more proactive approach should be used to facilitate the healing process from pain and/or an injury. Healthy movement along with a well structured workout and rehab program should be used to help strengthen the area to prevent the pain and/or injuries from reoccurring.

As a fitness enthusiast, he uses different components of functional fitness, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting to help better himself everyday (he is also a purple belt in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!).

He is big believer in education and likes to say that more than half of people’s results come from having the proper knowledge on how their bodies should work and function.

Chi Hai Nguyen, PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Chi Hai is a passionate Physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

Chi Hai enjoys working with a wide variety of patients and conditions. He has a special interest in sport related injuries and has worked with many athletes including weekend warriors, cross fitters, power lifters, and marathon runners.

His approach to treatment involves a thorough musculoskeletal assessment considering the patient’s health history and goals to develop an individualized plan of care. He enjoys getting to know his patients and employs a combination of manual therapy, education, and corrective exercises as he guides them through their rehab journey. He places a strong emphasis on preventative rehabilitation to enable people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and pursue the activities they love. Chi Hai is a firm believer in lifelong learning and continually educates himself to stay up to date on the latest evidence-based research to better support patients.

Chi Hai Nguyen


Registered Massage Therapist

Registered Massage Therapist

Damian Koo is a Registered Massage Therapist who, as a former powerlifter, has dealt with his fair share of injuries that have hindered his progress in the gym. As these limitations also began affecting his day-to-day routine, it gave him the drive to take control of his health and help others through his education as a therapist.

Being an athlete whos, worked through injuries, Damian specializes with powerlifters, running, and muay thai related injuries. As someone who has immersed himself in these activities for the past few years, Damian is able to provide his experience and expertise with any of these conditions.

Fueled by his passion and curiosity, Damian has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience working with many industry leaders to add to his skillset and apply to his treatments. Along with client education and manual therapy, he aims to curate a simple, unique and specialized treatment plan that best fits his patients’ goals and lifestyle to be able to move pain-free.


Doctor of Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapist

Rudolfo (Rudy) Budidharma is a Chiropractor and Registered Massage therapist from Toronto, Canada. His passion is to help his patients overcome their barriers and strive to be the best version of themselves.

He treats any musculoskeletal injury especially with the neck, back, hips and shoulders. Rudy is also an active member of the rock-climbing community and has extensive experience with climbing related injuries. His treatment plan uses a combination of chiropractic and massage techniques such as spinal manipulation, manual therapy, cupping therapy and acupuncture aimed to reduce pain and improve function.  He ensures that the results that he obtains with his patients are preserved through a take home personalized rehabilitative program. Rudy also believes in patient empowerment through patient education. He urges his clients to ask questions and be curious about the treatment process as he finds that the more his clients know, the better the results are.

Outside of the clinic, Rudy continues to expand his clinical and hands-on skills through continuing education courses to provide his patients with the best service possible. In his spare time, Rudy spends most of his hours rock climbing either inside the gym or the great outdoors.  He is a dedicated rock climber and an aspiring climbing coach.

Whether you meet him in the clinic or in the great outdoors, he is incredibly grateful to be a part of the Lu Strength and Therapy Team and excited to serve its community.


Registered Physiotherapist

Registered Physiotherapist

Shashi Panchal is a skilled and compassionate professional from Ontario, Canada who received his Physiotherapy degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Shashi takes pride in looking after his mind, body and health, and shares that passion in helping his patients live their most optimal life.

Although he enjoys all forms of fitness and sport he specialized in playing over 15 years of baseball and volleyball which culminated in him being scouted to play for a professional baseball team. Shashi’s background includes helping clients to overcome disorders, challenges, and injuries to achieve their physical health goals. From assessing patient conditions and developing treatment plans to recommending appropriate exercises and assisting patients with pain management. Shashi has consistently resulted in helping patients quickly recover from physical ailments to the greatest extent possible. He also possesses the ability to quickly connect with patients and establish trusting relationships with his strong communication talents.

He supports patients in restoring original function and lessening disabilities associated with orthopaedic, neurologic, trauma, medical, surgical, and sport-related injuries from various diagnostic groups.

He also possesses experience and a special skillset in working with professional and top high-level athletes from various sports to prevent injury and improve performance. Shashi has a proven commitment to excellence in physical rehabilitation and recovery which is coupled with his dedication to providing insightful guidance and support to optimize his patients’ overall health.


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