Registered Massage Therapist, Clinic Director


Specializing in sport-related injuries and injury prevention, James Lu is a Registered Massage Therapist with a background in Strength & Conditioning. His expertise lies in providing effective treatment for injuries commonly experienced by athletes while also offering preventative measures to avoid future injuries.

With more than a decade of experience in the fitness and rehab industry, James has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise through his work with patients, mentorships, and continuing education. His experience includes working with individuals across a broad range of fitness levels, from the general population to professional athletes.

He strongly advocates for the idea that movement can be a form of medicine. While resting an injured area may offer temporary relief, he believes a more proactive approach is necessary to facilitate the healing process from pain and injury. To prevent future occurrences, he stresses the importance of healthy movement and a well-structured strength and rehabilitation program to strengthen the affected area.

Being a fitness enthusiast, he incorporates a variety of components such as functional fitness, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting into his daily routine to continually improve himself. Not only that, he is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, showcasing his dedication to physical fitness and training.

He strongly believes in the power of education, emphasizing that more than 50% of an individual’s results can be attributed to having the right knowledge about how their body should optimally function.

Chi Hai Nguyen, PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Chi Hai, an accomplished and dedicated Physiotherapist who graduated with honors from the prestigious University of Toronto, holding both an Honors Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

With a true passion for his profession, Chi Hai finds immense joy in working with a diverse range of patients and addressing various conditions. However, it is in the realm of sport-related injuries that his expertise truly shines. Over the years, he has had the privilege of assisting countless athletes, including weekend warriors, cross fitters, power lifters, and marathon runners.

One of the aspects that sets Chi Hai apart is his genuine interest in building a strong rapport with his patients. By establishing a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges, he becomes their trusted guide throughout their rehabilitation journey. Employing a skillful blend of manual therapy, education, and corrective exercises, he empowers his patients to take charge of their recovery.

With Chi Hai, you can be assured of receiving top-notch care from a compassionate and knowledgeable physiotherapist who places your well-being at the forefront. Whether you’re an athlete aiming to overcome an injury or someone looking to lead a more active and pain-free life, Chi Hai is committed to helping you achieve your goals and reclaim your quality of life.

Chi Hai Nguyen


Doctor of Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapist

Rudolfo (Rudy) Budidharma is a highly skilled Chiropractor and Registered Massage Therapist with a strong commitment to helping patients overcome physical limitations and achieve optimal well-being.

Specializing in musculoskeletal injuries, with a particular focus on the neck, back, hips, and shoulders, Rudy is also an active and involved member of the rock-climbing community. His extensive experience with climbing-related injuries further enhances his ability to address specific challenges faced by climbers.

Rudy employs a comprehensive treatment approach, incorporating chiropractic and massage techniques such as spinal manipulation, manual therapy, cupping therapy, and acupuncture. These methods aim to alleviate pain and enhance overall functionality. He places considerable emphasis on developing personalized rehabilitative programs for his patients, ensuring that the positive outcomes achieved during treatment are maintained over time.

A strong advocate for patient education and empowerment, Rudy encourages his clients to actively engage in the treatment process by asking questions and seeking knowledge about their condition. He firmly believes that an informed patient can contribute significantly to better treatment results.

In his leisure time, Rudy’s passion for rock climbing takes center stage. Whether indoors at the gym or exploring the great outdoors, he dedicates countless hours to this challenging and fulfilling pursuit. Aspiring to be a climbing coach further showcases his dedication to the sport. His combination of expertise, compassion, and passion makes him a valuable asset in serving the diverse needs of his patients and fellow climbers alike.

Dr. Benjamin Bluestein, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Ben, fondly known as “Blue,” a dynamic Chiropractor and movement specialist with a laser focus on optimizing joint health for both everyday life and athletic performance. He’s not just your average healthcare practitioner; he’s a true advocate for educating his patients and clients on how to care for their bodies, ensuring athletic longevity and promoting healthy aging.

With an impressive educational background, Ben earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from CMCC. Over the span of more than a decade, he has honed his skills through practice in both Canada and Hong Kong, catering to patients of all ages and fitness levels.

Ben’s thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. Beyond his chiropractic qualifications, he’s relentlessly committed to continued education. He has pursued postgraduate training in Clinical Biomedical Acupuncture, Functional Range Systems, FMS/SFMA, and Ergonomics, constantly seeking to expand his expertise and offer the best possible care to his clients.

What sets Ben apart is his unwavering belief in the significance of a detailed and individualized approach. Through comprehensive history-taking and assessments, he gains a deep understanding of his clients’ root issues and functional capacities. Recognizing that joint health is paramount to long-term well-being and injury prevention, Ben crafts personalized recovery plans to suit each client’s unique needs. His sessions are a powerful fusion of diversified chiropractic techniques, manual therapy, acupuncture, and strength training, underlining his commitment to sustainable change and lasting results.

When he’s not busy making a positive impact on his clients’ lives, you’ll likely find Ben passionately engaged in various physical pursuits. He’s a brown belt in BJJ under Atos, regularly training in the gym and on the court, and is equally devoted to spending quality time dancing with his wife and two children.

But that’s not all – Ben’s influence extends far beyond his practice. As an instructor for Functional Anatomy Seminars (FAS), the driving force behind Functional Range Release, Functional Range Conditioning, and Kinstretch, he shares his knowledge with fellow professionals. He has also acted as a consultant and coach for prestigious BJJ camps featuring top-tier athletes like Andre Galvao, Felipe Pena, and Bruno Malfacine.

To Ben, education and balance are the cornerstones of a truly healthy lifestyle. With his guidance, you’ll not only experience exceptional care but also learn how to nurture your body and lead a fulfilling, well-rounded life. Embrace the opportunity to connect with Dr. Ben, and together, embark on a journey toward vibrant health and lasting well-being.

Dr. Benjamin Bluestein

Alcina Wey, PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Alcina is a  registered physiotherapist who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from University of Toronto. She furthered her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at Robert Gordon University abroad in the United Kingdom (UK). Following her studies, she gained valuable experience during a year of professional practice in the UK before returning to her hometown of Toronto.

Her professional focus primarily centers on addressing chronic pain disorders, acute and chronic sports injuries, as well as individuals seeking to enhance their overall function for everyday activities or sports performance. Alcina employs a comprehensive approach in her practice, combining patient education, manual therapy techniques, and exercise rehabilitation. She strongly believes in empowering her patients with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent future injuries and optimize the rehabilitation process.

Alcina’s extensive expertise in pelvic floor physiotherapy, a crucial aspect for individuals experiencing pelvic floor-related issues, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to ongoing professional development. With a focused interest in pelvic floor physiotherapy and neurological physiotherapy, she has undergone specialized training to provide targeted assistance to those grappling with challenges such as bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Furthermore, she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to enhancing the well-being of individuals facing various neurological conditions, such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, among others.

Her primary objective is to ameliorate their day-to-day function, minimize the risk of falls, and equip them with the necessary knowledge to effectively manage their conditions. Alcina’s comprehensive skill set in pelvic floor physiotherapy serves as a crucial asset in addressing the unique needs of patients dealing with pelvic floor-related ailments, reaffirming her commitment to providing the highest level of care and support to her diverse clientele.

Joshua Delgado

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Joshua’s academic journey in the Health Sciences commenced at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, where he completed his formal education.

With a passion for education and a commitment to sharing his knowledge, Josh pursued college teacher training at Centennial College. Since 2012, he has been an integral part of the institution, dedicating himself to the development of future health and fitness professionals. Josh’s teaching expertise lies within the Faculty of Health Studies, where he played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma Program.

Currently, Josh holds the position of Fitness Services Coordinator at Centennial’s esteemed Athletic & Wellness Centre. In this capacity, he leads a dynamic team of fitness professionals who cater to the health and fitness needs of a diverse community of thousands of employees and students.

Josh’s passion for athletics extends beyond the classroom, as he also serves as the coach for the college’s Olympic Weightlifting team. Additionally, he takes pride in hosting an annual competition that brings together College and University athletes in a display of athletic prowess.

Before joining Centennial College, Josh honed his skills and expertise in various fitness settings, including commercial gyms, country clubs, and a sports injury clinic. Notably, beyond his college responsibilities, Josh operates a coaching business known as Optimal Performance Coaching, which attracts athletes from across the globe, offering personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their highest potential.

Joshua Delgado’s diverse experience and dedication to both education and athletics have solidified his position as an esteemed figure in the health and fitness industry, making a positive impact on the lives of many individuals striving for optimal performance and well-being.

Joshua Delgado


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