• Form Assessment

1 on 1 Private Training

Most fitness goals fail because of the lack of structure and long term plan. Working with a strength and conditioning coach, we will help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently by periodizing your program for safety and maximal results.

  • Build strength by incorporating large, compound strength movements to help improve lean muscle mass
  • Improve your conditioning with different cardiovascular activities to improve endurance and metabolism
  • Become more mobile and less prone to injury with mobility training

Private coaching services are recommended for anybody that needs guidance to help reach their fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Form Assessment

Sport Specific Training

Are you an athlete looking to improve your strength, power and athletic performance in your sport? Working with one of our strength and conditioning coaches, we will help develop a long term plan along with in person training sessions to help you have the advantage in your sport while focusing on proper form and longevity.

  • Personalized programs are tailored towards your specific sport and/or activity
  • Strength training can help build the power and explosiveness needed in your sport
  • Metabolic conditioning will target your cardiovascular system and improve your endurance

Sport specific training is perfect for any athlete wanting to have the upper edge in their sport along with keeping their bodies healthy and in optimal shape. Different athletes/sports we work along with are Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, powerlifters and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Olympic Weightlifting

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Strength & conditioning classes are designed for individuals that want to become the best version of themselves. These classes combine a mixture of strength training, metabolic conditioning and mobility training to help improve overall strength, endurance and longevity.

  • Barbell movements to help build overall strength and power
  • Metabolic conditioning can help challenge your cardiovascular system & improve metabolism
  • Mobility training improves mobility and can decrease chances of injury

These classes are perfect for anybody that already have experience in strength training that need a structure to follow. Experience in compound movements such as snatches, clean & jerks, squats and deadlifts are highly recommended.

  • Strength & Conditioning

Private Gym Facility

Our private gym is equipped with top tier strength training equipment such as power racks, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting barbells, calibrated kilogram plates/change plates, competition kettlebells, artificial turf and much more.

  • Multiple squat stations means little to no wait time
  • Artificial turf allows for functional training along with versatility
  • Certified equipment ensures that you are training on/with the best equipment

If you are interested in using the facility/becoming a member, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our options.

*Personalized strength & rehab programs are also available with select open gym memberships at a discounted rate.


Olympic Weightlifters

Taylor Findlay

Olympic Weightlifting heavily relies on power, mobility and stability. Form assessments and different therapeutic techniques are used to help free up hypertonic muscles and promote proper technique to excel in the sport.


Dylan Wong

The sport of Powerlifting requires a tremendous amount of strength and stability. We help powerlifters with proper technique and form to promote longevity in the sport along with rehabilitating chronic injuries with therapy and exercise prescription

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires an enormous amount of flexibility, mobility and most importantly, stability. We help our clients improve these elements to prevent injuries while training and increase longevity in the sport through strength and conditioning and therapy


  • Helps improve lean muscle mass
  • Decrease overall body fat percentages
  • Enhance your mobility and flexibility
  • Improve body composition and appearance
  • Chronic disease management
  • Develop better body mechanics
  • Protect bone health and muscle mass
  • Reduce resting blood pressure
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Help regulate blood sugar
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Boost mood and mental health


I’ve been seeing James for a couple months now and I haven’t been disappointed once. I injured my lower back during deadlifts a few months ago and with manual therapy and some prescribed exercises, the nagging pain I experienced went away. He also continues to check up on my progress to ensure that training is going smoothly!

I was having difficulty with the butt wink on the bottom of a squat, which caused pain in my lower back after squatting. After James had worked on my hamstrings and calves, I noticed an immediate difference in terms of my posture and had completely fixed my butt wink in the bottom of a squat.

James has been a tremendous help during my career. His knowledge in strength and conditioning along with manual therapy has helped me rehabilitate from injures and most importantly, keeping me injury free. It is also a big bonus that he also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and understands the demands of the sport!


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